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Have you ever been caught up in an unpleasant situation where you’ve wished more than ever that a reliable locksmith was near you? There are times when one may end up locking themselves out of their own vehicle in the middle of the night or are faced with a break-in that leaves their home exposed and vulnerable to further security risks. We know how situations such as these demand the attention of a locksmith who’s not just quick to arrive on the scene but also provides high-quality impeccable services. Don’t know where you can find someone who fits the aforementioned criteria? Your search ends right here with Locksmith Solution Services 

Locksmith Solution Services is proud to offer emergency locksmith services as one of our main priorities. We’ve been offering a 24 x 7 service in the San Antonio, TX area, for the past 10 years now and gained a reputation for being trusted to arrive promptly, anywhere, anytime. If ever you see one of our mobile units zipping past you in the traffic, you can be sure it’s responding to a call for help. We’re available 365 days a year 7 days a week, on all holidays too.

How have we made this all possible? It’s all down to our wonderful team of professional locksmiths who go beyond their call of duty to be available 24/7 to service your emergency locksmith needs. We also operate the largest fleet of mobile locksmith vehicles in San Antonio, TX area that are fully-stocked with avant-garde tools of the trade to service any type of locksmith need arising at anytime and anywhere. With an assured response time of less than 15 minutes, we can reach out to you with professional help right when you need it – something which none of our competitors have been able to compete with.

Our emergency locksmith services include:

Locksmith Solution Services San Antonio, TX 210-780-7317

  • Unbeatable and lightning fast response time
  • Mobile locksmith service to answer emergency calls anywhere
  • Expert assistance with emergency lockouts
  • Prompt unlock services of doors, windows, cabinets etc.
  • On-the-spot key crafting services
  • Duplication of all key types
  • Rekeying of locks
  • Overnight full building lock replacements
  • Eviction services
  • Recoding lock tumblers
  • Reprogramming transponder car keys
  • Ignition repairs onsite
  • Quick fix for broken locks, damages push bars and more

Apart from addressing lockout issues, we also know how important it is to deal with a broken lock or a lost key rapidly. You cannot risk exposing your premise to intruders or rest easy knowing that the missing key could have fallen into the wrong hands. We understand how such serious threats to your security demand immediate attention and deploy our emergency locksmith response team to your location at once to quickly come to an effective resolution of your concern.

While our excellent team, rapid response time is one reason for our success story, there’s also another important reason why we’re deemed the best 24-hour locksmith in San Antonio, TX area – and that is our affordability. Unlike other emergency locksmith providers, we do not charge any additional fees for 24-hour services, making us highly popular with the San Antonio, TX community. Give us a call when you’re facing an emergency situation to experience our remarkable and on-time service!


Lock Repair

Did you know that you don’t always have to change what seems like a damaged lock? A good locksmith could actually repair that lock and save you the cost of buying a new one. Call us and allow our skilled locksmiths to quickly take a look at that lock - maybe we can repair it, so you can save time, money and hassle. If, however, the lock is beyond repair, we’ll let you know and we’ll even provide the new lock system installation while you wait.